In Memory

Mike Newman

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08/30/12 11:22 PM #1    

Ann McCathran

Things I remember about Mike --

He was my first crush in Jr. High School :)

He was very handsome!

He had a wonderful sense of humor.

He had incredible equestrian skills.

He was mischievous (in a good way!)

But most of all, he was an inspiration, an amazing warrior against cancer!

I will always remember that contagious smile....Rest in Peace, Mike.  I know you will be with us in spirit on the 22nd.

09/03/12 01:51 AM #2    

Marc Rhoads

Mike was a practical joker, a steeplechase champion, a music lover (C,S,N,&Y, Joe Cocker), and an extrovert who valued friendship.  Everyone knows how he continued to go to school and party, even after his leg was amputated because of osteosarcoma.  While on chemotherapy, at a party he climbed out on the high dive and did some flips; another time he went on "the zipper" at the County Fair (during which time, his prosthetic leg came off and nearly beat John Cissell and me senseless), and he held onto his goal to go to med school.  He eventually developed a strong faith in God and deep relationships with his friends (e.g. Karen Dill) and continued to joke around even as his health slowly deteriorated.  Mike participated in an NIH research study, which inspired a number of us.  The nurses would sneak us in when we came outside of visiting hours. The entire class backed Mike strongly, as evidenced by a petition with hundreds of names which was circulated.  It led to the Montgomery County Board of Education rescinding their decision and allowing us to name the new auditorium at GHS the "Newman Auditorium."

This is ancient history by now, but I remember the year vividly and how we coalesced as a class together around Mike.

09/16/12 06:14 PM #3    

Wayne Worrell

A very brave person and always full of joy.

09/20/12 05:36 PM #4    

T. Graham Giusti

Even now, when I think of Mike Newman a smile spreads across this weathered face.  It is an enduring memory to a guy who was so full of life, he never slowed down, he was always on a roll.  While I did not travel in his immediate circle, our mutual friends kept us in contact.  Once when Soccer was new at GHS, he spent the time to explain the game to me, what did I know.

He has and continues to be missed.

Graham Giusti

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