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03/06/12 10:11 AM #1    

Lynn Digiacomo (Holland)

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09/28/12 12:07 AM #2    

Barbara Cruickshank (Whatman)

You are very welcome.  Thanks for coming and hope to see you at the 45th reunion.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for our next reunion.  Barbara

12/28/13 11:42 AM #3    

Jerry Oden

Coach Harville has passed away.

The world has loss a great man!

Jerry Oden

12/29/13 06:29 PM #4    

David Gearing

I can remember in my very brief football career coach Harville telling me I could not scrimmage with the Varsity until I got my haircut. Now, I often work with young folks and I suggest a shaven haircut might be an order.


Funny how things run in circles.


Dave Gearing GHS '72

04/06/14 10:19 PM #5    

William Freeman

Hi Lynn,


Am I able to view classmate profiles here?  If yes, how do I go about it?  Thanks, Bill

02/10/16 09:34 AM #6    

Jerry Oden

Coach Fred Joyce passed away on January 9, 2016.

More information:

11/13/18 06:55 PM #7    

William Freeman

This is William Freeman, I just looked over the 45th Reunion pics and wished I was able to have been there.  Oh how I'd like to see you, my fellow graduates.  Bill   

09/25/21 07:01 AM #8    

Jerry Oden

Clyde Messerly and Jerry Oden and their families are now in-laws!

Jerry's son and Clyde's daughter were married August 28, 2021.

Who would have thought almost 50 years ago we would grow up and our kids would marry each other!

Clyde, Jerry, Glenn Lawyer and Lori (Briscoe) Ginovsky (and other classmates) have remained friends ever since high school.

Here we are at the wedding:



02/06/22 03:22 PM #9    


Pam Daniels (Hobson)

Here's a trivia question.  Does anyone remember ADORAP?  I think ADORAP was an acronym for "Activities Disruptive of Regular Academic Programming" or something like that. Two activities I remember from the week...taking the ASVAB and watching "On the Waterfront."

02/07/22 02:26 PM #10    

Cynthia Rock (Gibson)

I definitely remeber that! The seminar I remember best was the one on cheese-tasting!

02/08/22 01:29 PM #11    


Pam Daniels (Hobson)

And I suddenly remembered taking fencing with Mr. Kahn.

07/11/22 11:31 AM #12    

Andrew Gruver

Sadly, I won't be able to attend the upcoming 50th reunion...I hope someone can use my ticket (I leave that to the discretion of the organizers). My daughter is getting married the Saturday following the reunion on the west coast and my hobnobbing with you fine people the week before isn't a terribly responsible thing to do given these Covid times. I truly wish you all health, prosperity and love and hope our paths may cross in the future!

Andrew Gruver


07/12/22 01:08 PM #13    

Allan Will

Sorry to miss you Andy, but as you say it's the right thing to do for her wedding...Congrats!!  

- Allan Will

07/13/22 08:17 AM #14    

Kate Yurevitch (Stillwell)

Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming nuptials ... we will miss you!!! Kate

07/13/22 06:21 PM #15    

Andrew Gruver

Thanks All! Hopefully, we will see my daughter Olivia (google her) at the 2024 Olympics in Paris competing in the pole vault. She qualified for the World Championships that start Friday (7/15) but was injured at the USA Championships and can't compete. She was the first alternate for the recent Tokyo Olympics. Ok, kid bragging over but we're awfully proud of her!

07/14/22 09:19 AM #16    

Katherine Gazunis

I love it when parents kid brag! Congratulations to Olivia and to you!

Please post if she has a Cheering For Olivia on FB and let us know so that we can support her.


08/28/22 05:12 PM #17    

Kenneth Terrell

Going way back to a message above, it was Amalgamation of Activities Disruptive of the Regular Educational Process. We had a much cooler school than kids do today in MCPS! 

08/29/22 12:43 PM #18    


Pam Daniels (Hobson)


Thanks for remembering Amalgamation!  We did have much cooler school.  Like, driver's ed was not a course at my children's high school.

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